Top 40 best sellers, to July 2019

There are nearly 150 designs in the range, plus Christmas cards - and this list shows the 40 that have been reordered most frequently in the ten months to February 2018: Everyday cards are the biggest sellers - but don't worry if you can't see any occasions designs here - there are loads in the catalogue and they sell strongly for many of our customers.

2C162I'm Recharging
3D119If I wanted to smell
4F156Nope, no Polos
5V106A panic of pheasants
6D101Drop the bacon
7D131Friends in high places
8C164Food first - then Facebook
9C165Pussy Warmer
10D104Five minutes peace
11D148We left you a space in the middle
12D102Aga Saga
13D107Last tree before town
14D124Well, I prefer fox poo!
15AC105Yes, actually I do own the place
16AF108How do we tackle this lot?
17F158You spoil that horse
18AF100And they call US stupid!!
19C158Naps can occur suddenly
20D160The mighty hunter returns
21M100Who left the kitchen door open?
22D136Animals came in 4 x 4
23D161You threw it ...
24F208Breathe in...breath out
25F153Bad hair day
26TA106Are we there yet?
27C155Why some plants fail to thrive
28D118Late for work
29F152Love me, love my horse
30D111Best seat in the house
31C156Be gentle - he's very sensitive
32C166Cool Cat
33F201Loose hair
34F157Passive resistance
35F205Fashion faux pas
36D150Hello Mum
37D110Duvet day
39S108Bugger the great outdoors


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